About SPEC’s Fine Wine

SpecsBunnyAs Spec’s has grown over the year’s, we have gotten better at just about everything we do except communicating with our fine wine customers. It’s not that we don’t have a lot of fine wine and it’s not that we don’t have a lot to say. In fact, Spec’s has more fine wine than anyone else and we, the wine buyers and consultants at Spec’s, have a lot of information to share. We just hadn’t found the right way to go about it – until now. With this new blog-based web site, we now have a way to publish all the information we have about all the great wines we have that tie back to a person and a place for our fine wine customers without inundating our other customers with esoterica they don’t care about.

So how does it work? Come to the site whenever you like and browse through all the information (which we will be adding to daily) or you can subscribe to the site and be notified by email whenever we post something new. Get your geek on and join us for information, reviews, events, offers, and features all focused on your and our favorite beverage – Fine Wine.bunnynew

This is going to be fun.

Fine Wine Features
Click here to learn about some of the features (Daily Drinkers, The Friday Fizz, The Big Deal, etc.) you will find regularly posted on SpecsFineWine.com

A little history of our company.

SPEC’s Fine Wine Locations
While all Spec’s stores sell at least some fine wine, some stores have a higher concentration and availability of the better and the best. Here’s where to look by market area.

What makes a wine a “fine wine?” Which wines are not fine wines?

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